Scanlon, JamesGrowth CycleStained glass5947221985
Scott, PatrickGold Painting IIMixed media on canvas12212201979
Scott, PatrickGold Painting 18Mixed media on canvas15212201965
Scott, PatrickArcady 8 /White OneMixed media12212201974
Scott, PatrickBannerHanging0001982
Scott, WilliamBlack Blue GreenGouache on paper6810001969
Scott, WilliamUntitled 10/72Screenprint584001972
Seawright, PaulBird, Night ShelterColour type C-print on aluminium15015001997
Seawright, PaulUntitled (Man)Lightjet print on fuji crystal paper127152.402006
Seymour, DermotOnce an Orangie,On Looking at a Large...Acrylic on canvas282001987
Shanahan, SeanSwellOil on MDF807042006
Shea, WendyNot the Happiest Days of My LifeMixed media669201986
Sheridan, VincentMeeting of Rooks 36/50 Etching & aquatint4940.50c.1988
Shiels, AndrewPandora's Box IIIPainted steel99108681980
Shinnors, JohnRed Kite, Clare Island IIOil on canvas on board921220c.1997
Short, ConstanceJulie 2/75Woodcut382601976
Short, ConstanceKitchen 2/10Etching252001977
Short, ConstanceStill Life II 5/10Linocut273201977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaErosion IMixed media8012301970
Simonds-Gooding, MariaStore PlaceMixed media11015101980
Simonds-Gooding, MariaMother St Dominic Watercolour on paper557401986
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 11/75Etching57750c.1977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 12/75Etching57750c.1977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 13/75Etching57750c.1977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 14/75Etching57750c.1977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 15/75Etching57750c.1977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 17/75Etching57750c.1977
Simonds-Gooding, MariaClochan 16/75Etching57750c.1977
Smith, John NoelBilocationOil on canvas23038001995
Smith, PakiUntitledOil on paper546301994
Smith, PakiWildman Burns The City 28/50Etching & carborundum516601996
Smith, RobUntitledMonoprint on paper155103.50c.1980
Solomons, EstellaGirl and Tree 4/50Etching21150C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaWoman by the Sea 4/50Etching19130C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaSeated Woman 4/50Etching21150C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaCarlisle Court 4/50Etching28180C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaOrchard 4/50Etching16210C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaSeumas O'Sullivan 4/50Etching20150C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaCottage 4/50Etching16200C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaDr. Starkey 4/50Etching13110C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaWoman at a Table 4/50Etching10130C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaBridge 4/50Etching13140C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaWoman in Doorway 4/50Etching21160C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaSelf Portrait 4/50Etching21160C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaBrazen Head 4/50Etching39290C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaMarsh's Library 4/50Etching27170C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaDublin Scene 4/50Etching17120C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaMc Daids 4/50Etching23270C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaHoey's court 4/45Etching25180C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaView Over Dublin 4/50Etching20160C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaOld Clothes Shop 4/50Etching15200C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Solomons, EstellaBaby 4/15Etching13140C. 1915 reprint C.1973
Souter, CamilleTulips In Calary StudioOil on Paper373001983
Souter, CamilleCalaryOil on Paper55730c.1964
Staunton, TracyThe Number Seven 7/10Dry Point412101993
Staunton, TracyTrading Cities 1/5Mezzotint7958.501995
Staunton, TracyTrading Cities 2/5Mezzotint7958.501995
Staunton, TracyTrading Cities 3/5Mezzotint7958.501995
Staunton, TracyTrading Cities 4/5Mezzotint7958.501995
Staunton, TracyTrading Cities 5/5Mezzotint7958.501995
Staunton, TracyHigh City, Low City 28/50Mezzotint665101996
Stein, AmeliaThe Mona Pictures IPhotograph24.524.501997
Stein, AmeliaThe Mona Pictures IIPhotograph24.524.501997
Stein, AmeliaThe Mona Pictures IIIPhotograph24.524.501997
Stein, AmeliaThe Mona Pictures IVPhotograph24.524.501997
Stuart, ImogenLovers Bronze3620151990
Tallentire, AnneDrift: Diagram xi 2002 - 2006Six chanel video installation0002006
Tansey, FrancisFloating Blue No. 2Acrylic on canvas898901985
Teskey, DonaldLandscape RemodelledCharcoal on paper94.572.501990
Timmons, DavidThe Bait Hides The HookAuto paint & MDF70100102000
Tobin, MaighreadSunBronze & stone17060311992
Toomey, RachelGrave DancingVideo0001996
Tuffy, MargaretIn the Garden Grow Heroes and ChildrenMixed media on paper466501990
Turner, LucyYellow Dye from the No No TreeCarborundum9757.501993
Tyrrell, CharlesJames JoyceMixed media15912001981
Tyrrell, CharlesUntitledAcrylic on canvas18011701978
Tyrrell, CharlesUntitled Oil on canvas (Diptych)15036601981