Pakenham, JackNo More Heroes Oil on paper282001987
Parr, MartinThe First and the Last Photographs Photograph000c.1989
Peters, E.J.Behavin' 1/10Screenprint563701981
Peters, E.J.Ataraxia 1/10Embossed etching355601981
Peters, E.J.Ataraxia 2/10Embossed etching355601981
Phelan, GarrettBlack Brain RadioSound/drawings/multi media0002006
Phelan / McLoughlin, Garrett / MarkKippurePhotograph, sound, radio transmission, radio walkmans12224401995
Piercey, SiobhanThe Cock Robbin 3/15Screenprint765601981
Piercey, SiobhanThe Cock Robbin 5/15Screenprint765601981
Piercey, SiobhanUntitled 8/15Screenprint765601981
Piercey, SiobhanUntitled 9/15Screenprint765601981
Piercey, SiobhanUntitled 10/15Screenprint765601981
Piercey, SiobhanCock Robbin 4/15Screenprint765601981
Pim, HenryWallpieceHigh fired clay773701995
Plowman, ChrisBannerHanging0001982
Power, ArthurRiver PoolPastel on paper354601973
Pozzi, GiancarioUntitledEtching4331.501979
Prendergast, KathyUntitled 1985Watercolour516501985
Prendergast, KathyPod Bronze3523251988
Prendergast, KathyHair BonnetHair2415151997
Prendergast, KathyThe End & The Beginning II 1/3Hair & spool5.5441997
Preston, JanetRural Services 1/5Photo-etching78.558.501995
Preston, JanetRural Services 2/5Photo-etching78.558.501995
Preston, JanetRural Services 3/5Photo-etching78.558.501995
Preston, JanetRural Services 4/5Photo-etching78.558.501995
Preston, JanetRural Services 5/5Photo-etching78.558.501995
Pye, PatrickSt George and the Dragon Chalk & pastel on board282001987
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 1/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 2/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 3/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 4/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 5/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 6/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 7/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 8/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickAt the Crucifixion 9/40Etching76560c.1970
Pye, PatrickGlencar Kerry 2/75Etching383901973
Quilligan, PaulBannerHanging3541753541982
Quinn, TraceyDusk SallygapOil on canvas607501994
Reaney, PadraicLandscape 1/10 AEtching39250c.1970
Reid, ChrisLandscape 2/75Etching and aquatint382801974
Reid, ChrisErrigal 35/75Etching364701979
Reid, ChrisAutumn Lackagh Bridge 16/35Etching37570c.1980
Reid, ChrisAutumn Lackagh Bridge 14/35Etching37570c.1980
Reid, ChrisNear Dooks Co. Kerry 3/20Etching385501981
Reid, ChrisNear Dooks Co. Kerry 6/20Etching385501981
Reid, NanoWreckage No.1Oil on board607501966
Reid, NanoTinkers at Slieve BreaghOil on board607601962
Reid, NanoAncient LandOil on board51.560.501962
Reid, NanoQuayside StrollersOil on board717101969
Reid, NanoCave of the FirbolgOil on board597401973
Reid, NanoMakeshift Gate at Wildgoose LodgeOil on board405001973
Rinn, StephenA Burren Line Amazes ItselfOil on canvas20320301986
Risi, JohnStorm WarningPencil on paper322002005
Risi, JohnRegenerationPencil drawing412902005
Robb, AlanSide SlipAcrylic on canvas879101972
Robb, AlanResidueAcrylic on canvas15218301978
Roberts, HildaUntitled (Portrait)Oil on board60500c.1970
Roche, VivienneOff SquareWatercolour on paper799401981
Roche, VivienneBannerHanging0001982
Roche, VivienneThe Hangman's Beautiful DaughterPainted steel21348200c.1980
Roche, VivienneVictim Mild steel5.52761988
Roche, VivienneAvestaSteel, bronze, graphite26768.568.51990
Roche, Viviennex + y 28/50Carborundum665101996
Rolfe, NigelNine SymbolsMixed media1219601981
Rolfe, Nigel12 Blue ChevronsPigment on card966401983
Rolfe, NigelYoung Woman With Rose 2/3Black and white silver gelatin print524201996
Rolfe, NigelSelf Portrait in Despair-for those who confuse creativity with capitalism 28/50Lithograph665101996
Rowen, EricForce MajeurAcrylic on canvas12615301973
Rudin, TherryLaudate Pueri Dominum, Laudate Nomen DominiMixed media on board95960c.1993