Mac Gabhann, DonUntitled A/PLithograph605401980
Mac Gabhann, DonUntitled DrawingPen and ink0001980
Mac Gabhann, DonTouch Wood 3/10Embossed wood block507101981
Mac Gabhann, DonTouch Wood 9/10Embossed wood block507101981
Mac Gabhann, DonTouch Wood 10/10Embossed wood block507101981
Macleod, AnnaUntitled 17/60Etching33500c.1981
Macleod, AnnaUntitled 26/60Etching33500c.1981
Macleod, AnnaThinkingInk and pastel on paper959301991
Madden, AnnePompeian DoorwayPierre noir & oil183201981
Madden, AnnePompeian OpeningsPierre noir & oil183201982
Madden, AnneLand Near KilnaboyOil on canvas9512801964
Madden, AnneMenhir Acrylic on canvas (Triptych)19534201979
Madden, AnneClareland TriptychOil on canvas11422901967
Madden, AnneEclipseScreen print on perspex466101969
Madden, AnneJardinOil on canvas599001989
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45(Deer Park Clearing)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Roches & Rooks)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Thornbird Day)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Roches Point)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Skirt Tails)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Deer Park 2)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Overhang)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Water Day)Lithograph598402006
Magill, ElizabethParlous Land 21/45 (Oncoming)Lithograph598402006
Magner, TonyTabernacleLead, hair, pins24.524.516.41997
Maguire, BrianMother MythOil on paper313001981
Maguire, BrianDream's of a Secret ChildOil on board606001981
Maguire, BrianSelf Portrait of Self in SchoolOil & pencil on paper524801986
Maguire, BrianChildren and self (remembering)Mixed media on canvas18317401986
Maher, AliceNettle CoatNettles, pins, hanger706051996
Maher, AliceThe Architect 28/50Etching665101996
Maher, T.J.In the Quiet No 5Mixed media on board12211901989
Martin, FergusUntitled No 9Acrylic on cotton919101996
Martin, FergusDoubleStainless steel (2 parts)292922006
Martin/Hobbs, Fergus/AnthonyMy Paradise is NowGiclee print0002006
Mathews, TomMonkey Business Ink on CS10 paper0001986
Mays, SamUntitledMixed media15075221998
McAleer, ClementBeach Study VIPastel473301977
McCarrick, EilishHeroes Photograph202801987
McCarthy, CarolineMaking Something BeautifulVideo0001997
McCarthy, DannyShamans Horse XXX VIIWood12212251995
McCarthy, DermotLike Brother and Sister A/P Etching9.512.50c.1988
McCrea, RonanSequences Senarios & Locations series Part I After Hansel & GretelSlide installation (202 slides)0002005
McCrea, RonanSequences Senarios & Locations series part II After Hansel & GretelSlide installation (240 slides)0002005
McCrea, RonanSequences Senarios & locations series part III The lost photos of Alfred HSlide installation (162 slides)0002005
McCreary, JamesPosie 1/23Lithograph45420c.1977
McCreary, JamesYam Kam's Dance 2/75Etching38280c.1979
McCreary, JamesPotted Plants 1/95Lithograph55380c.1980
McCreary, JamesDark Reeds 14/14Lithograph41250c.1980
McCreary, JamesHerring 3/3Lithograph30450c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonfly 7/20Screenprint76510c.1980
McCreary, JamesReflections 18/19Lithograph43270c.1980
McCreary, JamesRed Cabbages 4/22Lithograph30400c.1980
McCreary, JamesRed Cabbagges 3/22Lithograph3040.50c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonfly 6/20Screenprint76510c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonfly 8/20Screenprint76510c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonfly 9/20Screenprint76510c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonfly 10/20Screenprint76510c.1980
McCreary, JamesHerring 2/13Lithograph43270c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonfly 1/20Screenprint76510c.1980
McCreary, JamesDragonflyScreenprint76510c.1980
McDowell, ErnestAg Faire na nEanCollage506201970
McElroy, MarianneCompositionCollage422901973
McElroy, MarianneModern DilemmaEnamel193601976
McGill, JoeMale TorsoMixed Media403501989
McGirr, FrankOn DeckPastel & oil on paper56.576.50c.1990
McGookin, ColinThe Archway of Dorian GrayOil on canvas755701994
McGuinness, NorahThe Last of the TreesOil on Canvas7110101972
McGuinness, NorahMorning MoonOil on Canvas678001961
McGuinness, NorahColony of TernsOil on Canvas9112101975
McGuinness, NorahSeptemberOil on Canvas405601977
McHugh, RuthStory Of The DressMixed media on canvas688901995
McKenna, BernadetteIn A DazePoster colour on paper412601993
McKenna, JamesGoll & Scathlach ar Chnoc na gCaorthainnStone5547411976
McKenna, TheresaUntitledStraw on Canvas18415823c.1980
McKeogh, AileenA Break in the CloudsMixed media157184471982
McKeown, WilliamHope painting - abercrombey placeOil on linen4845.502006
McKeown, WilliamHope painting - a grain of sandOil on linen4845.502006
McKeown, WilliamHope painting - strolling home to youOil on linen4845.502006
McLoughlin, DeirdreHen CrossCeramic5738201986
McLoughlin, MargaretThrough the Bogland 4/10Etching514001989
McMahon, GrainneUntitledMixed media15075221998
McNab, TheoBlack Tension No. 1Mixed media1409101971
McNab, TheoRoom 3/2Oil on canvas16310001975
McNab, TheoBannerHanging35717401982
McNab, TheoSleep 10/25Silkscreenprint60450c.1976
McNamee, JackieHair RaisingWood (Lime), paint8023111996
McNulty, JohnGorse Fires 47/175Etching72540c.1981
McNulty, JohnShadows 133/150Etching665001980
McNulty, JohnShadows 137/150Etching665001980
McNulty, JohnShadows 139/150Etching665001980
McNulty, JohnGorse Fires 43/175Etching725401981
McQuinn, AustinAlphabetMixed media on board767601993
McSweeney, SeánSea LandOil on canvas8310701969
McSweeney, SeánAlong the ShoreOil on canvas253101979
McSweeney, SeánReclaimed BogOil on canvas617501980
McSweeney, SeánSligo LandscapeOil on canvas819901986
McSweeney, SeánEvening TreeOil on canvas503901981
McSweeney, SeánEvening Bogland 13/16Lithograph567601989
McTigue, EoghanEmpty Sign (TU)Photographic Print on MDF (2 parts)15020002006
Meagher, JohnBannerHanging34617001982
Mellet, EoinRaku PotCeramic3526.527.51987
Melling, RonAugust 81-82Oil on canvas12119101981
Menary, DerekPhotageMixed media on board91.56101976
Middleton, ColinDrumnasoleOil on board929201965
Middleton, ColinTorso 1Oil on board606001966
Middleton, ColinJune Ballinderry 1Oil on board909101972
Middleton, ColinDesert RoseOil on board606001975
Miller, NickMaurice and Clea Wrestling as Jacob and Angel 2Charcoal conte pastel on paper946601991
Miller, NickS.A. Memory Series II 35 imagesWatercolour & wax crayon898901991
Minihan, JohnPoet in a Medieval Churchyard Photograph0001989
Molloy, TomBehind Every Great ManCross stitch embroidery (suite of 44)262602006
Moore, JohnSouls in an Energised SpaceGraphite on paper75109.501991
Morgan, PeterDum De Dum HelpPhotograph917101990
Moss, MathewChrist and VirginOil on canvas10012601964
Mosse, PaulUntitledAcrylic on board15315301967
Mosse, PaulCatacombAcrylic/plywood/sawdust/glue/wire/foam105107222006
Moynihan, MuirisGene LambertPhotograph403001987
Moynihan, MuirisMary Farl PowersPhotograph334301987
Moynihan, MuirisTom FitzgeraldPhotograph413501987
Moynihan, MuirisAnne MaddenPhotograph263401987
Moynihan, MuirisPatrick CollinsPhotograph302101987
Moynihan, MuirisAlice HanrattyPhotograph214001987
Moynihan, MuirisDonal RuanePhotograph433001987
Moynihan, MuirisLouis le BrocquyPhotograph243401987
Moynihan, MuirisBrian BourkePhotograph473201987
Moynihan, MuirisLorcan WalshePhotograph363601987
Moynihan, MuirisCamille SouterPhotograph403001987
Moynihan, MuirisJohn KellyPhotograph423201987
Moynihan, MuirisGwen O'DowdPhotograph352501987
Moynihan, MuirisGraham GinglesPhotograph383001987
Moynihan, MuirisCecily BrennanPhotograph304001987
Moynihan, MuirisPatrick HickeyPhotograph383001987
Moynihan, MuirisNuala GoodmanPhotograph403001987
Moynihan, MuirisSean Mc SweeneyPhotograph304001987
Moynihan, MuirisEilis O'ConnellPhotograph352701987
Moynihan, MuirisBarrie CookePhotograph314401987
Moynihan, MuirisMaud CotterPhotograph382701987
Moynihan, MuirisJohn BehanPhotograph273401987
Moynihan, MuirisMaria Simmonds GoodingPhotograph353001987
Moynihan, MuirisTony O'MalleyPhotograph273701987
Mulcahy, MichaelCompages Oil on canvas567501986
Mulcahy, MichaelThe Fall of IcarusOil on canvas997601982
Mulcahy, MichaelBack in the OutbackOil on canvas16317001985
Mulcahy, MichaelBannerHanging34316201982
Mullarney, JanetLook Back In AngerPlaster, wood, metal, acrylic11598551996
Mullins, AudreyA Story about Squares Oil on canvas (Triptych)12239901982
Murphy, JayVariations on a Schoolgirl Oil on canvas567601986
Murphy, LorraineUntitledCollage & paint on paper1028201988
Murray, ColinThere's a Split in the Infinitive 3/15Etching6155.501981
Murray, ColinFlower FieldOil on canvas81.57901994
Ní Chiosain, FionnualaUntitledAcrylic, ink, watercolour on paper15112501998
Ní Mhaonaigh, SinéadForestallOil on canvas10615102006
Nolan, EvinSailor's SaluteAcrylic on canvas1215801973
Nolan, EvinUnit of Six With PermutationsAcrylic on paper10314201984
Nolan, EvinBannerHanging31816901982
Nolan, IsabelQuiet Please 1/3DVD Animation4.37 min002005
Nunn, JillFive Barrels Between Cork and LimerickOil on wood3415701982
O Broin, LiamHorse 1/75Screenprint21360c.1973
O Broin, LiamHead I 2/20Lithograph443701977
O'Brien, KathlynUntitledFound objects6812361996
O''Callaghan, LiamAnother day with song (3.35pm)8mm film/projector/wood/stand0002006
O'Carroll, AnthonySphinxOil on paper587901979
O'Carroll, AnthonyUntitled 6Mixed media566201981
O'Carroll, AnthonyPortalOil on board262301985
Occhipinti, AngelaUntitledEtching3224.501976
O'Connell, EilisSlightWatercolour755601978
O'Connell, EilisAllihies FindsMixed media1142801983
O'Connell, EilisSlate FanSlate and steel62123491981
O'Connell, EilisEaxlespanSteel and limestone539329c.1983
O'Connell, EilisFunnelling the DishBronze10.534.5301988
O'Connell, PaddyCrusader and LadyOil on canvas957301984
O'Connell, TinaUnits FledMixed media on paper0001986
O'Connor, AndrewJessie: A Female HeadPlaster maquette251515c.1920's
O'Connor, AndrewCommodore John BarryPlaster maquette451412c.1920
O'Connor, MaryLady Mary and Her Faithfull Horse Watercolour on paper202801987
O'Dea, MichaelRow Oil on canvas926601986
O'Dea, MichaelWinter Landscape 15/22Lithograph56760c.1989
O'Dea, MichaelBrian Maguire 9/10Lithograph4837.50c.1989
O'Doherty, EamonBannerHanging0001982
O'Doherty, EamonAmergin 1/95Woodcut583801980
O'Donnell, Eilis UntitledMixed media15075221998
O'Donoghue, TigheExileMixed media on wood6246.50c.1994
O'Donoghue, TigheOglach IIStone/metal/wood382212c.1994
O'Dowd, GwenWaterstudyCombined process1701190c.1984
O'Dowd, GwenGlor na MaraEncaustic on canvas21814901989
O'Dowd, GwenAlong the Shore Oil on hardboard000c.1989
O'Flaithearta, PadraicDamhain Alla Metal and feathers4626261990
O'Halloran, ElizabethI Thought SoOil & wax on wood4140.501997
O'Hehir, DebiHowlin' Moon Horse IIBronze222917c.1994
O'Keefe, PaulAcrossMixed media72.59401980
O'Keefe, PaulHapBronze10636251981
O'Keefe, PaulUntitledFiberglass1808081986
O'Kelly, AlannahOur Innate Heroism Photograph202801987
O'Kelly, MickGriff Was Here Photograph000c.1989
O''Kelly, MarkJohannesburgOil on linen11717302006
O'Leary, CaitrionaStrata 1Mixed media on paper161601994
O'Leary, CaitrionaShelterMonoprint & watercolour564001993
O'Malley, JaneStill Life Whites with BlacksOil on board15275.501985
O'Malley, SharonSirenMixed media9476.50c.1990
O'Malley, TonyClare Island Greys, October 1981Oil on board9212201981
O'Malley, TonyWinter Myth IIOil on board1245201971
O'Malley, TonySummer Kite,1976Oil on board1228601976
O'Malley, TonyThe Cloister at Montregau (Paradise Island)Oil on canvas15412101978
O'Malley, TonyJerpoint Abbey,No.2Oil on board1239201977
O'Malley, TonyWinter Inscape with WhiteCollage and acrylic916301981
O'Malley, TonySpanish Place,Orzola,LanzaroteMixed media0001988
O''Malley, NiamhTalbot St. Vignette 2006DVD projection/oil on canvas137.5183.502006
O'Neill, CharlieSome Heroes are Sold Some are Sold Out..Collage282001987
O'Neill, GerUntitledBrass & steel3730271995
O'Neill, Mary RoseRelics II 1/10Print & mixed media795301994
O'Neill, Mary RoseRuin Hath Taught Me 1/5Relif print & etching456101995
O'Neill, Mary RoseRuin Hath Taught Me 2/5Relif print & etching456101995
O'Neill, Mary RoseRuin Hath Taught Me 3/5Relif print & etching456101995
O'Neill, Mary RoseRuin Hath Taught Me 4/5Relif print & etching456101995
O'Neill, Mary RoseRuin Hath Taught Me 5/5Relif print & etching456101995
O'Neill, RichardDescending SunOil on board717901964
O'Nolan, JamesWicklow Three ViewsMixed media642701979
O'Nolan, JamesUntitled No.25 2/30Carborundum120107.50c.1994
O'Nolan, JamesUntitled 1/5Lithograph, carborundum, chine colle5746.501995
O'Nolan, JamesUntitled 2/5Lithograph, carborundum, chine colle5746.501995
O'Nolan, JamesUntitled 3/5Lithograph, carborundum, chine colle5746.501995
O'Nolan, JamesUntitled 4/5Lithograph, carborundum, chine colle5746.501995
O'Nolan, JamesUntitled 5/5Lithograph, carborundum, chine colle5746.501995
O'Regan, JohnJourney to the self Oil on canvas (Triptych)10727601989
O'Reilly, GeraldineUntitled Oil on paper526701986
O'Reilly, StephenAnd So With Steve Once Again in Control...17/60Etching, stencil505501981
O'Reilly, StephenAnd So With Steve Once Again in Control...26/60Etching, stencil505501981
O''Riordan, AmyEye Candy 1/3Lambadacrome print809202006
Osborne, DannyRelic Polygons,1981Oil on canvas759001981
O'Shea, MickMarthaSteel/aluminium/cast glass8835352000
O'Sullivan, MichaelTriptychBronze on wood3089c.1969
O'Sullivan, PatrickCarving 2Marble and wood414731c.1976
O'Sullivan, PatrickFigureBlack limestone602820c.1978