Gale, MartinMy Heroes Have Always been CowboysOil on canvas9218301978
Gale, MartinBus StopOil on canvas9614301981
Gale, MartinThe AppointmentWatercolour283101983
Gale, MartinThe King's Birthday Mixed Media202801987
Gallagher, SamuelKitchen ChairPhotograph41310c.1981
Gallagher, SamuelChest with Chair 2/10Photograph503401984
Gallagher, SamuelCrowe Street 1/10Photograph507501984
Galvin, MartinaLetter to his Holiness, Pope Paul III. Nicolas Copernicus (Preface to his book on revolutions)Resin & paper20.51501996
Gannon, LauraStopgapVideo0001997
Geoghegan, TrevorMaroon and GoldOil on canvas769101983
Geoghegan, TrevorDeep Space No. 2Oil on canvas1229201981
Geoghegan, TrevorSchool's Out Oil on canvas926601986
Gerrard, JohnPortrait to Smile Once a Year, (Mary)Real time 3D image object7597542006
Gingles, GrahamStudioMixed media496101982
Glunane, HarryWild Target I 9/13Lithograph50380c.1981
Gorey, HelenaPurple, Golden SilverOil and acrylic on paper6451.501990
Gorman, RichardUntitled 1985Oil & pastel on canvas868501985
Gorman, RichardUntitled 1/40 Etching665001981
Gorman, RichardParrot 14/28 Lithograph50490c.1988
Gorman, RichardSmall KitchenOil on board6562.501987
Gorman, RichardUntitled 2/40 Etching665001981
Goulding, TimRose HipGouache on paper302001976
Goulding, TimAt His FeetOil on canvas1026101979
Grace, TomHeroes Photograph282001987
Graham, JohnUntitled IIICarborundum12210101998
Graham, JohnUntitled VCarborundum12210101998
Graham, PatrickBoquet of Innocence Mixed Media926601986
Graham, PatrickSwan SongOil on paper563701977
Graham, PatrickTo Lovers for Lovers Oil on canvas (Diptych)36615301987
Gravett, TerryAcanthus 1/5Etching56.57601995
Gravett, TerryAncanthus 2/5Etching56.57601995
Gravett, TerryAncanthus 3/5Etching56.57601995
Gravett, TerryAncanthus 4/5Etching56.57601995
Gravett, TerryAncanthus 5/5Etching56.57601995
Gravett, TerryBuilder of Leptis Magna (septimus severus 28/50)Screenprint & woodblock516601996
Gregg, PaulAmorphousPlastic and helium4882442442006
Grielson, PeterOrmo 1/25Etching42190c.1981
Grimes, KarlIl Duomo FlorencePhotograph321010c.1990
Groener, AnitaRainpainting (Deliverance)Oil on canvas14518501991
Groener, AnitaAnd Leaves You NotOil on canvas (diptych)76152.501998
Hall, PatrickThe KissOil on canvas769101978
Hall, PatrickMan with Vertical Bar 2/40Screenprint744901980
Hall, PatrickMountain 1995Ink & acrylic on paper56.58301995
Hall, PatrickYellow Mountain 1995Ink & acrylic on paper568301995
Hall, PatrickCloud (Jacob's Dream)Ink & acrylic on paper568301998
Hall, PatrickBook 1996Ink & acrylic on paper568301996
Hammerschlag, Alice BergerSpiralling Light StructureAcrylic on canvas957601968
Hanley, JamesMr & MrsConte & indian ink on paper111.594.501997
Hanly, JosephDiverse Movements IIIOil & acrylic on wood7164.50c.1994
Hanratty, Alice3 Renaissance Heads A/PEtching75520c.1977
Hanratty, AliceRhino Swallowing a Lady 2/45Etching20250c.1971
Hanratty, AliceAristocratic Child II 22/40Screenprint625201980
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 2/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 5/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 6/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 7/10Etching79560c.1981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 8/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 9/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 10/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceWoman & Pram 3/10Etching795601981
Hanratty, AliceRhino Swallowing a LadyEtching20250c.1971
Hapaska, SiobhánSunlightmixed media10384882006
Hapasks, SiobhánSimulator 1/5Lightjet print on fuji crystal paper121.5121.502006
Haran, TomBog CuttingOil on canvas91106.50c.1994
Harmey, ClionaFrocks 1Photograph112.55001994
Harmey, ClionaFrocks 2Photograph112.55001994
Harper, CharlesConversationMixed media on paper629201980
Harper, CharlesVisit BAcrylic on canvas15215201982
Harper, CharlesHead Series No. 1 3/30 BScreen print50750c.1980
Harper, CharlesBalancedMixed media on paper292201990
Harper, CharlesFigure Stress 1/5Etching54.573.501995
Harper, CharlesFigure Stress 2/5Etching54.573.501995
Harper, CharlesFigure Stress 3/5Etching54.573.501995
Harper, CharlesFigure Stress 4/5Etching54.573.501995
Harper, CharlesFigure Stress 5/5Etching54.573.501995
Harris, PatrickMan in RedOil on canvas584801984
Harrison, ColinGeorge LurichMixed media907001973
Hassett, GrainneUntitledMixed media15075221998
Haughey, AnthonySafe As HousesPhotograph0001994
Healy, HenryThe GondoliersOil on board71500c.1977
Healy, MartinHome ICibacrome59.542.501997
Healy, MartinHome IICibacrome59.54301997
Healy, MartinGenesis 28:12 1/5DVD projection0002006
Henderson, BrianIsolated IIIAcrylic on canvas15537401970
Henderson, BrianNew York on my Mind Mixed media (Triptych)19111401979
Henderson, BrianCell 3Acrylic on canvas16816801982
Henderson, BrianBlack EnamelMixed media on paper76.55801987
Hennessy, Michael BenHeroes' Moon Oil on paper282001987
Hennessy, Michael BenBoy Drawing Oil on canvas (Diptych)18128401985
Hennessy, PatrickThe Studio CatOil on canvas638801978
Hickey, PatrickFruit Tree in SummerOil on canvas15222801976
Hickey, PatrickVertical Field, GreeceOil on paper694901974
Hickey, PatrickJames Joyce PosterMixed media806001982
Hickey, PatrickGrasshopper in Long Grass 1/30Etching75570c.1980
Hickey, PatrickGrey Lag in Winter 2/20 Etching56.576.50c.1988
Hickey, PatrickGrasshopper in Long Grass 9/30Etching75570c.1980
Hickey, PatrickGrasshopper in Long Grass11/30Etching75570c.1980
Hickey, PatrickGrasshopper in Long Grass 7/30Etching75570c.1980
Hickey, PatrickPearscape III 4/60Etching63210c.1994
Hickey, PatrickGrasshopper In Long Grass 8/30Etching75570c.1980
Hogg, GavinQuicksand (of my thoughts)Oil on board12512501993
Horgan, SaraLove Letter Seven 3/3Lino etching917201987
Horgan, SaraUntitled 1/3Etching55540c.1993
Houston, SallyLandscape RevealedLeather and iron6360191979
Howe, HelenOrganicWood (Oak)7938431977
Hughes, JimUntitled (Recto Inverso)Collage322001975
Hughes, RonnieSmolin's ProgenyAcrylic & co-polymer on canvas15217801997
Hurl, PatriciaBody WorksOil on canvas/engraved glass30.56401993
Iremonger, SarahUntitled Blue Series 1Oil on canvas2835.501994
Irvine, JakiClever Smile 1/3DVD for projection1.5 min002005