Davey, RosaleenPast TenseMixed on board766101978
Davies, AnthonyInside OutLino cut on ricepaper5675.501994
de Fouw, RemcoOmniscienceCopper, brass, glass, water77.577.577.51994
de Paor, TomUntitledMixed media15075221998
Delaney, CatherineBridge PassageBronze44128391995
Delargy, DiarmuidEve 2/20Etching76.55701986
Dempsey, MichaelCold Mountain 1Mixed media on paper657601995
Dennis, JillSimon Made Treacle Toffee this MorningMixed media on canvas13715901986
Desmond, MauriceMidnight AscendingAcrylic on board1097901985
Devlin, JohnOasis (Tamhnach)Oil on canvas12014701973
Devlin, JohnThe Administration of JusticeOil on canvas17818301971
Dillon, GerardThe Black Lake Oil on board56700c.1940
Dixon, JamesMary Driving the Cattle Home across the sands of DeeOil on board577101967
Doherty, WillieDreaming (Derry)Photograph10715201988
Doherty, WillieEchoing Photograph0001989
Donnellan, NoelleDerelict VigilantAcrylic on canvas133.515301997
Donnelly, MaryCorralled Off Shore Where Wild Horses LeapOil on paper133201991
Donnelly, MickyConnolly's Hat with Easter LilliesMixed media12190.501987
Doran, PaulUntitledOil on linen on board15215202006
Doris, ChrisChrist FloggedOil on Canvas12012001989
Duff, LeoNo. 4 Murphy: Samuel BeckettMixed media504001977
Duffy, MaryCutting the Ties that Bind Photograph202801987
Duffy, MaryI Grew Up Being Gratefulphotograph7650.501994
Dunne, DavidReflectionsBronze30.534.514.5c.1980
Earley, BrendanForest 11Marker on paper8011402006
Earley, BrendanChaletMarker on paper6810002006
Egan, FelimSound Reference IAcrylic on canvas17017001981
Egan, FelimComposition 36Acrylic on canvas10210201979
Egan, FelimJames Joyce: Image After BrancusiAcrylic on canvas14110601982
Egan, FelimBattle of Hercules and AntaeusMixed media on canvas25325001984
Fallon, ConorHawkSteel2436201978
Fallon, ConorDoveBronze3333131983
Fallon, ConorHead of My Father Stainless steel4628261988
Fallon, ConorPadraic Fallon 1VPencil on paper705301988
Fallon, ConorPadraic Fallon Version 11 V1Pencil705301988
Fallon, ConorPadraic FallonPencil625301988
Farl Powers, MaryLandscape 1980 4/45Etching775701980
Farl Powers, MaryCloud Torso I 11/45Etching593501982
Farl Powers, MaryMung 3/45Etching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMonochrome Ribbon Torso 15/45Etching59480c.1980
Farl Powers, MaryUntitled (oval) 1/75Etching382801973
Farl Powers, MaryThe Desert 2/45Etching35430c.1977
Farl Powers, MaryMung 1/45Etching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMung 2/45Etching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMung 5/45Etching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMung 6/45Etching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMung APEtching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMung 4/45Etching755701981
Farl Powers, MaryMung 7/45Etching755701981
Farrell, HelenFigure Study IIOil on paper7475.501998
Farrell, MichealVariations on a contained motifOil on canvas15118301969
Farrell, MichealThourables Wake SeriesAcrylic on canvas21021001965
Farrell, MichealBlack Press with Day Glow PinkAcrylic on canvas12212201970
Farrell, MichealMiss O Murphy SeriesWatercolour & pencil577601978
Farrell, MichealUntitled 28/42Etching506701987
Farrell, MichealJames Joyce's Tie, 38/75 (I don't mind how you paint my soul, but get the tie correct)Lithograph/etching65.54801991
Feehily, FergusScentOil on wood686812.51996
Feeney, JacintaInvisible and UnheardOil on canvas25420101986
Fingleton, SeanTrees Hedgerow and skyOil on paper456001990
Fitzgerald, JuneUntitledCollage/mixed media1028101985
Fitzgerald, JuneInside Outoil, paper, muslin, plywood604901994
FitzGerald, MaryGrid Drawing IMixed media674301982
FitzGerald, MaryThe Space BetweenMixed media on canvas23036001988
Fitzgerald, TomBlack RainbowMixed media574401980
Fitzgibbon, MargaretSpecchio:MirrorsCast/etched bronze298621998
Fitzgibbon, MarjorieYoung Adult Bronze33.56.55.51988
Flanagan, T.P.Castle CauldwellWatercolour on paper66980c.1980
Flanagan, T.P.Shoot 2Watercolour on paper669901980
Flanagan, T.P.A Pool Lough ErneWatercolour on paper73540c.1980
Flanagan, T.P.TreelineOil on canvas10312501977
Flood, TaffinaRed Field A/PCarborundum536801993
Flynn, PaulineTempleMixed media on board966501992
Folan, AndrewUntitled 5/8Screenprint577701980
Folan, AndrewUntitled 4/8Screenprint577701980
Folan, AndrewAn Tobar A/PEtching762701984
Folan, AndrewDefinition of an Instant 5/8Screenprint516901979
Folan, AndrewUntitled 1/5Screenprint5070.501994
Folan, AndrewUntitled 2/5Screenprint5070.501995
Folan, AndrewUntitled 3/5Screenprint5070.501995
Folan, AndrewUntitled 4/5Screenprint5070.501995
Folan, AndrewUntitled 5/5Screenprint5070.501995
Folan, MartinOpen Book Oil on polystyrene926601986
Folan, MartinApollo Oil on polystyrene926601986
Folan, MartinApollo Oil on polystyrene926601986
Foley, BillyPainting Nov. '98Oil & charcoal on canvas22032001998
Foley, MarieTribute to Five WoundsCeramic292214c.1985
Foley, MarieSpirit and Four ElementsCeramic1867261985
Foley, MarieBird FeederCeramic14237c.1985
Foley, MarieRelease of the Spirit of the DeadPorcelain, feather, steel rod7033181989
Fonkert, LisbethPregnant LadyTapestry8368191980
Fonkert, LisbethLabourerTapestry8272181980
Ford, TrionaLate for Class Oil on paper485601986
Foreman, BrendanMarine FantasyAcrylic on paper665101975
Frigge, AdriMusicians 2/8Screenprint & lithograp587801979
Froemel, GerdaUntitled Drawing IPencil162740c.1963
Froemel, GerdaUntitled IIIPencil on card110800c.1960
Froemel, GerdaUntitled IVPencil on card110800c.1960
Froemel, GerdaUntitled VCollage110800c.1960
Froemel, GerdaUntitled VIPencil on card110800c.1960