Aiken, JohnWhite Dust GridGouache on paper505001981
Aiken, JohnMovement 3 (Gesture and Sign Series)Collage & gold leaf393901984
Allen, JamesFigures in an Old LandscapeOil on canvas85900c.1977
Allen, JamesSea Pebbles 9/50Etching & aquatint375501976
Allen, JamesWren 10/45 Etching27.4340c.1988
Allen, JamesMarkings 1/5Etching56.57601995
Allen, JamesMarkings 2/5Etching56.57601995
Allen, JamesMarkings 3/5Etching56.57601995
Allen, JamesMarkings 4/5Etching56.57601995
Allen, JamesMarkings 5/5Etching56.57601995
Allen, JoDomestic Eros 1Oil on canvas on board53.553.501997
Allen, JoDomestic Eros 2Oil on canvas on board53.553.501997
Armstrong, ArthurHarbourOil on board1229101966
Ballagh, RobertBladeAcrylic on canvas11518101967
Ballagh, RobertSheridan le FanuOil on canvas17711601976
Ballagh, RobertThe Dance of Life Oil on canvas735401986
Banahan, ChristopherIcon From the House of the Tragic PoetOil/printed lace on canvas17115301995
Bardon, JeanTown Garden 12/75Etching3222.501994
Barker, DavidDrawing of a Garden II Yoshitsuma 9/25Etching745501980
Barker, DavidDrawing of a Garden No III Yoshitsuma 6/25Etching634801980
Barker, DavidDrawing of a Garden No.12 YoshitsumaPencil775701981
Becker, MargaretWild Poppies 20/40Etching43340c.1980
Becker, MargaretWild Poppies 21/40Etching43340c.1980
Becker, MargaretWild Poppies 22/40Etching43340c.1980
Becker, MargaretRose 32/40Etching48280c.1980
Becker, MargaretRose 30/40Etching48280c.1980
Becker, MargaretWild Poppies 23/40Etching43340c.1980
Behan, JohnBullBronze235014c.1979
Behan, JohnQueen MaeveBronze402411c.1979
Beirne, MichaelA Toy Horse, a GameOil on paper282001987
Bennett, MalcolmBogland GatewayMixed media on paper8358.50c.1989
Benson, CarmelBirds in the Head 8/10 Etching4229.501988
Benson, CarmelTree Figure II 9/40Carborundum23210c.1994
Benson, CarmelUntitled 1/5Drypoint etching, carborundum52.57001995
Benson, CarmelUntitled 2/5Drypoint etching, carborundum52.57001995
Benson, CarmelUntitled 3/5Drypoint etching, carborundum52.57001995
Benson, CarmelUntitled 4/5Drypoint etching, carborundum52.57001995
Benson, CarmelUntitled 5/5Drypoint etching, carborundum52.57001995
Benson, CarmelUntitled 28/50Etching516601996
Beug , KatherineQueenAcrylic on canvas9111401993
Bewick, PaulineHolly Doing Her Homework Watercolour on paper608101986
Blackshaw, BasilGreen LandscapeOil on canvas707601980
Bligh, MoyaPlanes 9 A/PScreenprint49420c.1980
Blodau, DietrichPlayers Lane No.1Etching23.53401988
Blodau, DietrichPlayers Lane No.2Etching23.532.501988
Bogan, ViviennePaper ParcelMixed media collage735201979
Bogan, VivienneStitched Panel No.2Mixed media717401981
Booth, TimCross Section from a RudgeMixed media1108001969
Boran, MichaelThe SquarePhotograph 405001988
Boran, MichaelTony PottsPhotograph 405001988
Boran, MichaelIcarusPhotograph 504001988
Boran, MichaelWhile Declan's AwayPhotograph 504001988
Boran, MichaelSpherePhotograph 504001988
Boran, MichaelDominion 2/20Photograph40.550.50c.1990
Boran, MichaelMaster and Servant 2/20Photograph40.550.50c.1990
Bourke, BrianEducation Mixed media669201986
Bourke, BrianStanding FigureOil on canvas15211701965
Bourke, BrianPortrait of M.P. Oil on canvas (Diptych)12520401972
Bourke, BrianLandscape with Glider, BavariaGouache564101972
Bourke, BrianLandscape with Glider, BavariaGouache564101972
Bourke, BrianKnock-A-Lough (Summer 1977)Oil on canvas12711701977
Bourke, BrianTwo Heads of Don Quixote 24/70Etching295201977
Bourke, BrianDon Quixote 1/75Etching404301973
Bourke, BrianPortrait of a Girl Painted bronze42.5104.51988
Bourke, BrianHeadPainted bronze402313.51988
Bourke, BrianJames JoyceMixed media745501982
Bourke, BrianJames JoyceMixed media745501982
Bourke, BrianJames JoyceMixed media745501982
Bourke, BrianJames JoyceMixed media745501982
Bourke, BrianDrawing for SculpturePencil on paper60.55101987
Bourke, BrianDrawing for SculpturePencil on paper60.55101987
Bourke, BrianDrawing for SculpturePencil on paper60.55101987
Bourke, BrianDrawing for SculpturePencil on paper60.55101988
Brady, CharlesRed Bin with EnvelopeOil on canvas493901972
Brady, CharlesWhite Tennis ShoeOil on canvas566901975
Brady, CharlesMy New WalletOil on canvas333901977
Brady, CharlesWallet 1981Oil on canvas465601981
Brady, CharlesRed DeskOil on canvas706001966
Brandes, StephenBed & BreakfastPermanent marker & acrylic on vinyl20128202006
Brandt, MurielCustom House AngelOil on board26.5380c.1960
Brandt, MurielGirlOil on board4823.50c.1960
Brandt, RuthNight Birds 6/75Etching755701981
Brandt, RuthNight Birds 7/75Etching755701981
Brandt, RuthNight Birds 8/75Etching755701981
Brandt, RuthNight Birds 9/75Etching755701981
Brandt, RuthNight Birds 10/75Etching755701981
Brandt, RuthNight Birds 5/75Etching755701981
Brennan, CecilyGround Painting Oil on canvas (Triptych)12236601985
Brennan, CecilyPath and ForestMixed Media on canvas27120401982
Brennan, CecilyNamaskard Oil on paper0001989
Brennan, CecilyHero's EngineSingle channel DVD2.5 min.002006
Brown, DeborahPapier Mache on Red with BlackMixed media10212701965
Brown, DeborahFiberglass Form in White on BlackRelief fiberglass123157111967
Brown, DeborahFibreglass BallFibreglass000c.1970
Brown, GemmaLilly-White No.2acrylic on linen403502006
Brown, GemmaLilly-White No.4Acrylic on linen403502006
Buckley, JimNavy WinchIron652853c.1980
Burke, JohnPlateau Dancer VIsteel5850691980
Burke, JohnUntitledsteel000c.1976
Burke, JohnMusical TablePainted steel5055371996
Burke, MarySchool Corridor Oil on paper765001986
Burke, PatriciaTus 1/10 bEtching456301981
Burke, PatriciaTus 7/10 bEtching456301981
Burke, PatriciaTus 10/10 bEtching456301981
Burke, PatriciaTus 3/10 bEtching456301981
Butler, JosephSelf Portrait Mixed media0001988
Byrne, Gerard1984 and beyondFilm and photographic installation0002006
Byrne, MichaelYellow SquareAcrylic on canvas10210801968
Byrne, MichaelBlue and Violet SquaresAcrylic on canvas12212201972
Byrne, MichaelGreen and Red 1/75Screenprint40400c.1980
Byrne, MichaelDublin (Blue) 7/15Screenprint535601980
Byrne, Michael Dublin (Blue) 10/15Screenprint535601980
Byrne, Michael Dublin (Yellow) 6/15Screenprint535601980
Byrne, Michael Dublin (Yellow) 10/15Screenprint535601980
Byrne, Michael Dublin (Yellow) 9/15Screenprint535601980
Byrne, Michael Dublin (Blue) 9/15Screenprint535601980
Campbell, GeorgeAutumnal Complex No.2Oil on board605001975
Canell & Watkins, Nina & RobinSea ChantDVD installation3.16 min002006
Cannon, BrianNew Trees 4/30Etching765701981
Cannon, BrianCuttings 4/30Etching765601981
Carlisle, AnneWing and WingMixed media on paper13710101983
Carman, CathyIn the Sea she Swoops at LastBronze199121986
Carman, CathyDream SensationBronze and marble13410636c.1990
Carman, CathyAll you need is love Bronze with coins452781990
Carmichael, SeamusPotato Stalks A/PEtching577601981
Carmichael, SeamusPotato Stalks 7/10Etching577601981
Carmichael, SeamusPotato Stalks 8/10Etching577601981
Carmichael, SeamusPotato Stalks 9/10Etching577601981
Carmichael, SeamusPotato Stalks 10/10Etching577601981
Carr, DeirdreYou should kitchen up your belly with a kissOil on paper60125.501990
Carr, EithneNudes on Pastel BackgroundOil on canvas16418001981
Carty, FrancisPlato's CaveAcrylic on canvas9457.501998
Carty, GerardUntitledMixed media15075221998
Casey, MichaelHollow Form ElmCarved Elm 3576761981
Casson, BronwenNora 1 (A Dolls House)Mixed media on paper543501993
Casson, BronwenNora 2 (A Dolls House)Mixed media on paper543501993
Clarke, CareyAn Aspect of Donegal Watercolour0001989
Clarke, DeclanMine Are of TroubleSingle channel DVD15.43min002006
Clear, FelicityAutumn River 2/10Etching40580c.1994
Clear, FelicityBlueprint for an Ideal CityScreenprint665101996
Coleman, JamesUlysses ProjectSilver garland131841982
Coleman, MichaelLinkPaper and thread7511801977
Coleman, MichaelBlue GreensOil on canvas15015001986
Coleman, MichaelBlue Rose Blue Oil on canvas (Triptych)8024001982
Coleman, MichaelUntitledPastel on paper60.550.50c.1991
Coleman, MichaelBlackchurch IEtching (suite of 3)808001998
Coleman, MichaelBlackchurch IIEtching (suite of 3)8079.501998
Coleman, MichaelBlackchurch IIIEtching (suite of 3)808001998
Coleman, MichaelHearts and Treesoil on canvas (6 parts)605002006
Collins, PatrickRising SwanOil on board10112601965
Collins, PatrickSmall Holding on the Side of a MountainOil on canvas10511501979
Collins, PatrickChildren PlayingOil on canvas10814001962
Collins, PatrickPredator BirdOil on canvas788401981
Collins, PatrickAtlantic WindowOil on canvas967901981
Collins, PatrickRain on the MoonOil on canvas818801981
Collins, PatrickOak Tree Oil on canvas000c.1989
Colman, EamonVisit With IngeOil on canvas677501993
Colman, EamonWreckers Moon IIOil on fabriano paper709901997
Comerford, ElizabethStrawbalesOil on canvas242101979
Comerford, HelenUntitledMixed media415901981
Comerford, HelenThe Journey Mixed media202801987
Conlin, StephenIndian Hunting Trail 2Ink drawing583801980
Connolly & Cleary, Denis/AnneRVB3 channel video installation0002006
Connor, PatrickUntitled BustCeramic3226151977
Connor, PatrickJanus MaskCeramic6737241979
Cooke, BarrieSiobhan McKennaOil on canvas10310701964
Cooke, BarrieFishermanOil on canvas15215201968
Cooke, BarrieBlack Anatomy Oil on canvas (2 parts)19716701962
Cooke, BarrieYggdrasil Oil on canvas (Triptych)15045001983
Cooke, BarrieJointOil on canvas13715101972
Cooke, BarrieBone No. 12Watercolour395601971
Cooke, BarrieNight Lake YellowOil on canvas13614401979
Cooke, BarrieJames JoyceOil on board927601982
Cooke, BarrieThe Great Irish Pike I 15/25Lithograph805801982
Cooke, BarrieThe Great Irish Pike II 15/25Lithograph805801982
Cooke, BarrieThe Great Irish Pike III 15/25Lithograph805801982
Cooke, BarrieThe Great Irish Pike IV 15/25Lithograph805801982
Cooke, BarrieThe Great Irish Pike V 15/25Lithograph805801982
Cooke, BarrieThe Great Irish Pike VI 15/25Lithograph805801982
Cooke, BarrieBurren Nights Oil on canvas0001989
Cooney, Jackie SandonLayer with Black FormMixed media755601984
Cooney, Jackie SandonLandsection 3Mixed media22013801984
Cooney, Jackie SandonStrata 11/23Lithograph76560c.1989
Cooper, Frank LeeCrisisMixed media818101969
Copperwhite, DianaArgentinaOil on canvas15015002006
Corcoran, MargaretAda (from the Spar series)Oil on linen10015002006
Costelloe, RobertSilver Study No. 1Acrylic on canvas13118601971
Cotter, MaudStrainCopper, steel, glass5627211994
Cotter, MaudNot the full storyPerspex/china/fimo/lafarge model dur/shelves137192352006
Cox, PaulCity Centre A/PEtching & aquatint564401981
Cox, PaulCity Centre 2/100Etching564401981
Cox, PaulCity Centre 3/100Etching564401981
Cox, Paul3 Girls 2/100Etching503801981
Cox, Paul3 Girls 3/100Etching503801981
Cox, PaulBaggot at Dublin A/PEtching425601981
Cox, PaulBaggot at Dublin 3/100Etching425601981
Cox, PaulBaggot at Dublin 1/100Etching425601981
Cox, Paul3 Girls 1/100Etching503801981
Coyle, GaryScene of the Crime,Wicklow ForestCharcoal on paper0002006
Crabtree, JackPortrait of Francis StuartOil on canvas86860c.1990
Crone, DavidFigures at night IIOil on canvas1832390c.1990
Cronin, JohnCristina (Manumit)Oil & tempera on board12217001992
Cross, DorothyDrain 1985Wood & steel11030301985
Cross, DorothyUntitled 1994Photograph79.55901994
Cross, DorothyFamilyCast bronze0002006
Crotty, ColinPortrait by Window IOil on canvas93101.501998
Crowley, AnneCollage IMixed media382801981
Crozier, WilliamSherkin Island 35/75Carborundum1414.501994
Cudworth, JackThe EavesdropperOil on board9012301967
Cuffe, GrainneChristy A/PLithograph684301980
Cuffe, GrainneChristy 5/18Lithograph684301980
Cuffe, GrainneChristy 9/18Lithograph684301980
Cuffe, GrainneChristy 17/18Lithograph684301980
Cuffe, GrainneChristy 18/18Lithograph684301980
Cuffe, GrainneHen Shriek 6/25Lithograph56380c.1981
Cuffe, GrainneChristy A/PLithograph684301980
Cuffe, SiobhánWatering the Plants 8/40Etching504001988
Cullen, MichaelBig Painting with Cubistic Sky Oil on canvas17024901981
Cullen, MichaelSelf Portrait with CurtainsOil on canvas11813001984
Cullen, MichaelCity Scape Berlin IOil on paper1007001986
Cullen, MichaelThe School of my Life Oil on paper578301986
Cullen, MichaelStudy After Jan van Eyck II 25/30Screenprint403501981
Cullen, MichaelStrawberry Nude with Friend45/screenprint516601981
Cullen, MichaelSelf Study III with Monaghan SunsetOil on paper6186.501987
Cullen, MichaelThe Stars Demand That You See Them 1Oil on paper1669601989
Cullen, MichaelThe Stars Demand That You See Them 11Oil on paper1669601989
Cullen, MichaelThe Stars Demand That You See Them 111Oil on paper1669601989
Cullen, MichaelUrban Cowboy 28/50Carborundum516601996
Cullen, ShaneFragments sur l'Institution RepublicianeCharcoal & gouache1027401987
Cummins, PaulineMemoire Collage496901986
Cussen, CliodhnaBealtine Bothair 1/4Lithograph29.5440c.1979
Cussen, CliodhnaMauricetown Bealach 4/10Lithograph43550c.1981
Cussen, CliodhnaNa Geanna Fiaira 2/10Lithograph53380c.1981
Cussen, CliodhnaClocha Sail a'Chuana 2/10Lithograph53380c.1981
Cussen, CliodhnaAn PriosunachConnemara marble2826261996